Updates and communication on the most awesome Daisy Scout troop ever!

Summer Vacation is Here!

on June 3, 2013

Hey everyone I wanted to introduce myself as your new Brownie Scout Leader. My name is Jessica Alewine and I am Lexi’s mom. At this time our second troop leader will be my husband Travis, he is currently in the application process. Also this week we have a meeting with the Director of Girl Scouts for the Central Coast to switch everything over and once that is official I will be posting a couple summer activities. 

I wanted to take on this position so that our Troop continued to stay together, however some of you may have heard that our family also has plans to move in the future and that is true. We will be here through the summer and I was hoping that would provide enough time to find a permanent solution before our family does decide to depart. So please continue the consideration of leading this troop in the future, until then we will have some summer fun!

My contact information is:

Jessica Alewine – 831-869-8499 feel free to call, text or email @


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