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Spring Calendar

on February 26, 2013

Please mark these dates on your calendar.  These are the meetings that are scheduled this spring for our troop.  Please note that we are ending in May as Ms. McKee will be moving.

  1. March 4:  3 Cheers for Animals Journey Book-Mari’s Story. Search and Rescue Dog visits our Troop!
  2. March 11:  No Scouts
  3. March 18: Between Earth and Sky Journey Book-Lupe’s Powder Blue Petal Car Power
  4. March 25: Between Earth and Sky Journey Book-Maine and the Many Ways Life Can Be
  5. April 1:  Meet at Earthbound Farms.  Earth Day tour and activity and the Farm:  City Farm/City Food.  We will need parents to help drive students from Tularcitos to Earthbound.  Please let us know if you can help so that this trip is possible for all Daisies.  Between Earth and Sky Journey Book-Sunny’s Summer and the Road to Dairyland.  Please remember to bring Journey Books!
  6. April 8:  No Scouts
  7. April 15:  Between Earth and Sky Journey Book-A Salty Lake and the Smell of Pine
  8. April 22: Between Earth and Sky Journey Book-Toward the Coast of California
  9. April 29:  Between Earth and Sky Journey Book-North to White Sweetclover
  10. May 4:  Saturday Bridge to Brownies Roller Skating Party!  Water City Roller Hockey Skate Rink, 2800 Second Ave., Marina, CA  93933.  (Confirmed: 2:30-4:30pm. Siblings welcome.)

There will, of course, be opportunity for girls to attend Girl Scout Day Camp this summer at Toro Park.  If there are any parents interested in assuming the leadership (or co-leadership) for Fall 2013, please let Julie and Beth know.  We would be happy to answer questions and help you get off to a good start.  We would love for the troop to remain intact so that all girls have the opportunity to continue with Girl Scouts.  Please thoughtfully consider!  


2 responses to “Spring Calendar

  1. Leila says:

    My daughter would really like to join girl scouts. We live in Carmel Valley, 93924. When is the soonest I can sign her up and how much does it cost?

    • troop30620 says:

      Hi Leila, I wanted to follow up and make sure someone responded to your post about your daughter joining our troop. We are in the process of changing over troop leaders and I just logged on for the first time and saw your post. I would be happy to talk with you feel free to call me at 831-869-8499.

      Jessica Alewine

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