Updates and communication on the most awesome Daisy Scout troop ever!

Welcome Back!

on January 8, 2013

Welcome back to Daisy Scouts! We had our first meeting today. We worked on the “Money Counts” badge. We are now finished with the blue Daisy Scout binder! This semester we will earn two Journey patches as well as a Cookie Sales badge.

Now for a few items of Troop business:

1. The troop will be purchasing two Daisy Journey books as well as additional badges for the girls. We had some leftover troop funds to put towards these items. However, that will leave our troop account almost empty! Second semester dues will be at a modest $25 to cover the cost of snacks and meeting activities. We would appreciate receiving dues checks next Monday, January 14th.Please make checks payable to Troop 30620.

2. For the completion of the “Money Counts” badge, the girls need to participate in helping others. Please bring at least one canned or boxed item to the meeting next week to donate to the Monterey County Food Bank. The girls are only required to bring one item, but if you would like to donate more I’m sure the Food Bank would be appreciative.

3. Cookie sales begin around the end of January. Chad and Anna Lundt have volunteered to to be in charge of cookie funds. THANK YOU!!!! Funds from cookie sales go to the troop to be used as the girls decide.

4. Each troop is required to have a representative at a monthly Girl Scout Service Unit meeting. It is the second Monday of every month and is held in Monterey. We need a volunteer! Troop leaders are unable to attend this in addition to planning and running weekly meetings. Please let us know if you can help out in this way…it would be much appreciated!

We look forward to another great semester of helping the Daisies blossom!


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