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Daisy Scout Information Meeting for Fall 2012

on August 17, 2012

On Monday August 27th at 3:30 pm in the Carmel Valley Community Center we will be having our Fall 2012 registration and information meeting for Daisy Scout Troop 30620.  We are so excited to fill everyone in on all that we have planned for our fabulous Daisies!  Please fill out the linked forms and bring them along with checks/cash in the amounts below to expedite the process.

Annual Forms for Girls:

Annual Forms for Tularcitos Students:

Annual Forms for Adults who want to participate in Girl Scout Activities:

The total cost is $65 for semester per Daisy Scout:

  • $53 payable to Troop 30620 includes:
    • $50 Dues for semester includes snacks, activities & badges
    • $3 for 2 leaves
  • $12 payable to GSUSA for yearly membership

If you are unable to attend, please fill out the forms and return them with payment to either Julie or Beth.  For girls to attend the first meeting on Monday, September 10 at 3:30 pm we must have all the necessary paperwork and payments.

Because we are a multiple school troop, we have decided to begin our weekly Monday meetings at 3:30 pm to allow the River School and JSS Daisies enough time to get to the Carmel Valley Community Center.  Between the Tularcitos 3pm dismissal time and our 3:30pm meeting, Beth will gather the Tularcitos Daisies at the 3pm dismissal time and will monitor them until the whole troop arrives for our 3:30 meeting.  We are encouraging River School and JSS Daisy parents to carpool to make it easier for parents.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us at or call/text Beth McKee  at 919-478-5457 or call Julie Rebboah 831-224-4490.  We are so excited to continue this journey with your daughters!

Fall 2012 Daisy Scout Events:

  • Aug 27th at 3:30pm: Info meeting for parents
  • Sept 10th at 3:30pm: Zinni Petal – Considerate & Caring
  • Sept. 16th from 1:45-4pm at Forest Theater, Carmel: Theater Badge – Beauty & the Beast, 2-4 pm ($7)
  • Sept 17th at 3:30pm: Tula Petal – Courageous & Strong
  • Sept. 24th at 3:30pm: Mari Petal – Responsible for What I Say & Do
  • Sept. 29th from 11am -1pm at Earthbound Farms: Corn Maze Badge – Maize Maze and Corn Husk Doll Workshop, Earthbound Farms, ($2)
  • Oct. 1st at 3:30pm: Gloria Petal – Respect Myself & Others
  • Oct. 8th – NO SCOUTS
  • Oct. 15th at 3:30pm: Gerri Petal – Respect Authority
  • Oct. 22nd at 3:30pm: Clover Petal – Use Resources Wisely
  • Oct. 29th at 3:30pm: Rosie Petal – Make the World a Better Place
  • Nov. 5th at 3:30pm:  Vi Petal – Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout
  • Nov. 12th – NO SCOUTS
  • Nov. 13th from 5-6:30pm at Pizza My Heart, Del Monte Shopping Center: Pizza Badge – Make Your Own Pizza Night ($5 per child = mini pizza & drink)
  • Nov. 26th at 3:30pm: Making Choices Leaf
  • Dec. 1st from 12-1pm at Earthbound Farms: Cookie Badge – Holiday Cookie Workshop at Earthbound Farms ($4)
  • Dec. 3rd at 3:30pm: Money Counts Leaf
  • Dec. 10th at 3:30pm:  Begin the “It’s Your Planet” Journey  & Gingerbread Badge
  • Dec. 17th at 3:30pm: Badge Award Ceremony

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