Updates and communication on the most awesome Daisy Scout troop ever!

Joining Daisy Scouts?

on February 16, 2012

Daisy Scout Checklist:

We are planning to turn in all registrations and place a group order for the Daisy Scout uniforms, troop numbers, Guide books, etc.  This ensures that each girl is properly registered and receives her uniform and start up materials at the same time and saves parents a trip to the Girl Scout Shop in Castroville!  Please fill out the following required forms, uniform order form (link to a PDF file is at the bottom) and return it to either troop leader by March 5th with a check made out to:  Girl Scout Troop 30620 

Required Girl Scout Forms due by March 5th (the same ones that were handed out at the meeting):

Girl Scout Child Member Registration Form

Girl Scout Health History Record Form

Girl Scout Annual Permission Form

Girl Scout Permission to Releas GS to Adult Other Than Parent or Guardian

GS Council Shop Order Form – select one of the three uniform packages below

Required fees due by March 5th: please note that if you are writing checks, the $12 for registration is payable to GSUSA, not the troop

1.  $12 to GSUSA for girl annual registration
2.  $40 to Girl Scout Troop 30620 for dues for remainder of school year (cover snacks and supplies for activities)
3.  $26.81 to Girl Scout Troop 30620 for what we are calling our “Daisy Troop 30620 Starter Package,” which includes:
  • $2.25 – World Association/WAGGS/World Trefoil Pin
  • $1.50 – Daisy GS Pin
  • $2.50 – Daisy Insignia Tab
  • $6.75 – Daisy Petal Set (all the petals the girls can earn over the next two years come in this – we will keep them in each girls folder and award them as we earn them together)
  • $7.00 – Journey Book “Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden”
  • $5.00 – Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden Award Patch Set
  • $1.81 – Tax on $25.00 subtotal
Optional Purchases:
$12 to GSUSA for Adult Member Registration (if you would like to volunteer to help with activities, you will have to fill out the adult registration form and pay the fee.  Feel free to combine the payment in one check with your daughters for a total of $24 to GSUSA) Girl Scout Adult Member Registration Form
$ 58.72 to Girl Scout Troop 30620 for what we are calling our “Daisy Troop Ready for Action Package,” which includes:
  • $25.00 – everything in our “Daisy Troop Starter Package”
  • $6.25 – Daisy Troop Numbers (5 x $1.25)
  • $1.75 – Iron-on Amer. Flag Patch
  • $1.00 – Membership Star
  • $4.00 – ID Set
  • $16.75 – Daisy Vest S/M
  • $3.97 – Tax on $54.75
$75.55 to Girl Scout Troop 30620 for what we are calling our “Daisy Troop Super Trooper Package,” which includes:
  • $54.75 – everything in the “Daisy Troop Ready for Action Package”
  • $16.87 – Daisy Scouts Binder (this is an introductory price, it will rise soon to $22.50)
  • FREE pink or green Daisy Scouts Bag (this is an introductory offer from GSUSA and will soon disappear)

Remember, your Daisy Girl Guide, patches, vest, etc. are all usable again next year!


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